Filter presses

The filter press: filtration with the highest separation efficiency

The filter press is an installation in which the product to be filtered is pressed in filter chambers between vertically hanging filter plates each covered with a filter cloth. Depending on the desired outcome a chamber filter press or a membrane filter press is used.

Filter presses achieve the highest separation efficiency of all mechanical separation techniques, by pressing the sludge in closed chambers . For this, the finest filter fibers may be used to guarantee an optimal product separation. It is, therefore, the preferred technique for industries focusing on the maximum purity of the filtrate, or the lowest residual moisture in the cake .

Both the extraction of the solid matter (the “filter cake”) as well as the purification of the original product may be important. The liquid content or water content in the filter cake depends on the physical and chemical properties of the suspension as well as on the final pressure of the feed pump at the end of the filtration cycle .

Advantages of a filter press:

  • Maximum separation efficiency: dry cake, pure liquid
  • The only mechanical separation technique to combine filtration , cake washing and cake drying in the same machine
  • No technical restrictions on the filterable substance (WFT provides tailormade installations)
  • All parts in contact with the slurry can be made in synthetic material and are so corrosion resistant
  • Robust technology with longevity
  • Mobile version available for installation on truck or container
  • Different full automated options

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