Thickening tables

Dewatering by gravity at low cost

Thickening tables provide a gravity filtration of sludge. They are often used in combination with a filter or sieve belt press to increase the separation efficiency of the filtration at a very low cost, and this without any supervision . Biological sludges give separation efficiencies of over 99 percent (solids concentrations above 10 percent are no longer an exception)

The thickening tables of WFT guarantee an efficient and economical dewatering of various low-concentrated sludge suspensions. During the design the ease of maintenance , low energy and polymer consumption are very important.

Benefits of a thickening table:

  • Low purchase costs
  • Very energy efficient
  • Separation efficiency of over 99 percent for organic sludge
  • Can be combined with a filter press or a belt filter press
  • Works completely autonomously
  • Very low maintenance

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