Tailor made filter presses

A filter press to suit your needs

In addition to all standard presses, WFT has a number of custom-design filter press solutions. These special versions are developed on request and in close collaboration with the customer in order to find a problem solving solution for your needs.

Some options:

Acid-resistant filter press

WFT has developed an acid-resistant version for the dewatering of highly aggressive or corrosive products. All parts in contact with the product are made of plastic or were given a plastic coating. Filtration of strongly acid suspensions is no longer a problem. Also, the filter cloths and the filter plates can be adjusted to an acid application.

Improved filtration pressure

By default, the majority of the filter press works at a pressure of maximum 16 bar, or even 7 bar. Some applications require a higher pressure. WFT produces filter presses working at an operating pressure of 50 bar. They can be executed both in top and in side bar design.

High temperature

For some projects, a filter press handling temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius are required . The standard polypropylene filter plates are not sufficient for that. We offer aluminum, stainless steel or PVDF in this case.

Explosion danger

For the filtration of products in areas with a high explosion risk, WFT developed a filter press with a compressed air-powered hydro group. In this case the electrically powered machines are fitted with engines and equipment in the desired EX class.

Specific needs?

Let us know. We offer comprehensive field service and maintenance support. WFT designs, manufactures and installs a custom-designed filter solution.

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