Membrane filter press

The membrane filter press: rapid separation times and homogeneous cake dryness

A membrane filter press can remove more liquid from a suspension than a chamber filter press. The cycle times are much shorter compared to the classical chamber filter press. They are used for products difficult to filtrate or products with a high focus on the separation efficiency.

In a first stage the operation principle of a membrane filter press is identical to the operation of a chamber filter press, but the feed pump is no longer the only driving force for filtration. As with a recessed chamber filter press , the chambers are first filled by a feed pump to a preset maximum pressure. In a subsequent phase, a membrane is inflated in each filter chamber by means of air (up to 7 bar) or a liquid (up to 50 bar). As result, the cake volume is reduced in each chamber by inflating the membrane , to remove more liquid from the cake. The dry-matter content of the filter cakes is noticeably higher and more homogeneous.

Features of the membrane filter press:

  • The “press” refers to the locking hydraulic cylinder to keep the filter plates closed
  • The closed filter plates form a series of filter chambers filled by a pump.
  • The filtration pressure is supplied by the feed pump, not by the locking cylinder.
  • A feed pump with a limited operational pressure (eg 7 bar) is often selected
  • After the filling phase the cake volume is reduced by a membrane squeezing pump.
  • The squeezing is made by means of air or pure fluid (water, oil, …).
  • Flexible membranes in various materials: PP, EPDM, Viton, PVDF.
  • Cake volume: from 5 to 20.000 liters per machine.
  • Filtration area: up to 1.000 m² per machine.

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