Chamber filter press and plate and frame filter press

The chamber filter press: maximum solid liquid separation

Filter presses are devices that are deployed in the domain of the solid-liquid separation. The sludge (the mixture of solid and liquid) is pumped into a series of filter chambers fitted with permeable filter cloths on both sides. The filter cloths retain the solid components leaving a filter cake deposited into the chambers.
As the chambers become full of solids, the pressure rises and it becomes progressively more difficult to continue pumping in more of the sludge

At a preset maximum pressure (often 7 bar, or 16 bar, sometimes even higher) and / or minimum flow rate of the filtrate the feed pump stops and the filling phase is over. The formed solid cake must then be removed from the filter chambers. After this action, the chamber filter press is ready for a next cycle.

The latest innovations in filter presses are focusing on automating the cake discharge, to guarantee a continuous operation process for the filter press without supervision. Depending on the characteristics of the product and solids to be filtered, the newly produced cake dryness can exceed 70%.

Features of the chamber filter press:

  • The “press” refers to the locking hydraulic cylinder to keep the filter plates closed
  • The closed filter plates form a series of filter chambers filled by a pump.
  • The filtration pressure is supplied by the feed pump, not by the locking cylinder.
  • Cake thickness or depth of the chamber is optional (usually 15-70 mm).
  • Filter plates in different materials: PP, PVDF, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel.
  • Cake volume: from 5 to 20.000 liters per machine.
  • Filtration area: up to 1.000 m² per machine.

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